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1. Failure of Forging Dies, (Technical Report), Abzaran Factory, 1989.
2. Heavy-Duty Boronz Bearings, (Technical Report), IUT, 1990.
3. Macro- and Microscopical Examination of Steel Ingots, (Technical Reports), Ahwaz Steel Complex, 1991.
4. Premature Failure of Jewelry Forming Dies, (Technical Report), IUT, 1991.
5. Mechanical Properties of Welded Sections, (Technical Report), IUT, 1991.
6. Surface Treatment of Metals by Laser, (Report and Presentation), Isfahan Steel Co., 1992.
7. Characterization of Silver Platings (Technical Report), Coating Co., 1993.
8. Application of PVD and CVD for Cutting Tools, (Short Course for TABA Engineers), Iranian Society of Surface Science and Technology, 1994.
9. Tribological Behaviour of Zn-Al Bearing Alloys, (Presentation and Technical Report), Kerman Cement Factory, 1995.
10. High Temperature Coatings for Turbine Blades, (Technical Report and Short Course), Tavanir Co., 1995.
11. Characterization of TiN Coatings on HSS Drills, (Case Study & Technical Report), TABA Co., 1995.
12. Tools and Dies, (Case Study & Technical Report), Ministry of Industry, 1995-96.
13. Characterization of Plasma Sprayed Mo for Synchronized Rings, (Case Study & Technical Report), Charkheshgar Co., 1996.
14. Diffusion Coatings on Steel for Tribological Applications, (Presentation & Technical Report), 1996.
15. Boronizing Treatment for Industrial Components, (Case Studies & Reports), 1994 -98 . 
16. Oxidation Resistance of Aluminide and Pt-Aluminide Coatings on Steel, (Case Study & Technical Report), 1996.
17. Evaluation of Aluminide and Pt-Aluminide Coatings on 738LC Superalloy, Tavanir Co., 1995 - 98.
18. Effect of Aluminium and Nitrogen on Properties of Low Carbon Sheet Steel, Mobarakeh  Steel Co., 1999. 
19. Plasma Surface Treatments for Automotive Components, IDRO, 1998-2001.
20. Tin-plate and Galvanized Coatings for Iranian Industries, ISTT, 2002.


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Technical Reports